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Name: Morgan Bretford
Alias: Da' Dok, The Butcher  
Age: 24
Weight: 350 Lbs
Eye Color:blue
Skin color: light blue
Features:The Doctor is a massive mixture of both flesh and raw steel, with metallic protstics and bio-fluids running down articial artiess to said metallic limbs. His hair is patchy and falling out in someplaces while other's its a full bit of hair. he is missing his left eye, a portion of his nose, an arm and a leg...all of which were violently ripped off of his body. He has several Claw marks on his lips, chest,back and on his other leg. These missing parts have been replaced with the above said chemicals. his poor teeth have also grown into a form of loose canines. he is clean shaven and has a perpetual grin with his abovementioned canines being shown off at all times.
Wanted rank: Black
Crimes:Single handled turning Costa Rica into a desolate and barren wasteland, Killing nearly 79% of Inhabitants, Creator of the Cypress Plague...which is still going on in the middle east with a death toll of approxmately 6,321,621+ and rising daily. Creator of the "Black Sunshine" Flu which has hit northern European, selling weapons to Numerous Terrorist and Millitant groups his leathal Gene bombs, able to destroy Chimeran and Beastkin DNA with ease.
Quarter or no quartter: Kill
Back Story: Morgan Bretford was one of the orginal scientists who helped create the X-1 serum and was also one of the first paitents along with his wife Slyvia, both of whom had Terminal Cancer in the Brain. He was considered one of the leading individuals in the realm of Genetic Modification and use of Bio Organic mateial and tech. He was a nobel piece prize winner for his work and was having a good life.
That is untill it all went to hell when the outbreak occured, with his wife dying from the diease and him getting torn apart by a beastkin he was working on, despertate for a cure. The posion from the beastkin and the first serum X-1 (which was still must've had some defects and has caused) has allegedy infected his mind...driving him to the insainity and seeing that Beast-Kin and Chimeran as a flith that must be annilated. To that extent, he has and started his mission.
He is considered one of the most dangerous men ARTEMIS has to face for they can't find it's work untill the death toll is spiraling out of control and it's caused a wave of destruction like no one else has seen.
Last seen: Sahara Desert
blood type: AB
Powers/Talents: (powers are up to debate on a case by case review):his robotics have a wide range of uses..from 20 mm cannon, to operating tools and equipment , buzzsaw, electric current,  surgical tools. Claws. His robotic eye can see in over a dozen visions and realms. He also is a Validvictorian from Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and Harvard. Currently, he has been working on a back brace to be used to help strengthen his tools and his war.
Interests:Good literature, Genetics, Engineering, Symphonies. his Violin. Magic of Harry Houdini and Penn & Teller.
Family:Slyvia (Wife,Dead), Alexander (Child in the Womb,Dead)


The hoty with a body named scoty
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Art: Photography, literature, Music and occasionally modeling and Drawing.

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Hard Rock, Blues, Classical
Favourite style of art: Anything if it's good
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Bender , Peter , Bugs Bunny , and Homer
Personal Quote: I will not give up my rights just to get anything

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